I am back from blog-vacation!

It’s been an awfully long time I’ve blogged the last time. And one of my biggest fans made me aware of that!😉 Anyway, I’ve been quite busy these days, weeks, months. Wanna know why?

  • University started again at the end of September and I have (and had) quite a lot of stuff to do:
    • iOS project: In October, I developed with one of my university fellows a Sudoku Solver for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, …). That project is already finished, but haven’t been graded yet. It’s also not in the AppStore yet, because it needs improvements. But I can provide some screenshots in another post.
    • OS project: Two weeks ago, the probably most challenging project of my whole career started. We have to develop an own operating system. Because we only have until February, we cannot implement everything, so we had to chose a strength of our OS. Ours has a focus on audio output. We have to run our OS on an AVR32 AP7000 processor. In future, I will write more about this.
    • Other courses: There is another course which take a lot of time. The exercises we have to hand in every week are quite time-intensive. For the record: I absolutely DISLIKE this. It kills all the excitement about the other projects
  • I have a job again! I start working for the same bank I’ve been for my internship (Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg). I work as a freelancer, so I have a pretty flexible time schedule. The only this is, that I have to hand in the project and the milestones within a certain time window. About the topic I’m not allowed to tell too much. What I can tell you is, that I am working with Microsoft SSIS. And to be honest: I hate that software! But I have a nice view into how a bank works, so the topic is very interesting!
  • Whether you believe it or not: Me too, I have leisure time.
    • That time, I spend mostly with my girlfriend who is here again since October!🙂 We do a lot of stuff together. Fun stuff! (Hey, stop thinking so dirty!)
    • My cousin visited me on one weekend and on another one, I visited my parents in Luxembourg.

As you see, I’ve really been busy, but I will have some nice topics for the future. Look forward to some operating system posts😉

And by the way: I am almost daily active on Twitter. So if you wonder “Hey, ho… did Marc disappear? He doesn’t put useless and uninteresting stuff in his blog anymore”, you might want to check out There is even more uninteresting and useless stuff all around my life.

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Thinking about buying a MacBook!

Hello guys and girls! Who of you have a MacBook?

Well, I also want to buy one. Out of a couple of reasons (and more):

  • For iPhone programming (can only be done on a Mac)
  • I have a 18% discount until October 17th (with the model I want, I save 400€)
  • They keyboard of my old notebook is broke and they won’t repair it on warranty
  • It’s a really awesome piece of soft- and hardware.
  • I could to everything on it I can do by now but you know… probably better😉

Anyway, I am looking out for the MacBook Pro 15″ with a customized configuration.

Now my questions:

  • Does anybody have experience with the new “Anti-Glare” screen? Because I think I would find it kinda ugly!
  • What is your general experience with a MacBook?
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Mexico Trip August 2010 – La Boda (Part Two)

This is a follow-up post to Mexico Trip August 2010 – The Arrival (Part One).

Finally arrived in Coatzacoalcos, I also went straight to my bed, falling asleep immediately…

The first night I slept well, and I didn’t feel the jet lag too hard. The first day in Coatzacoalcos was already packed with action. I went to have breakfast with my girlfriend and I had lunch with my girlfriend’s family (parents, siblings, nephews and nieces – in other words: everyone!).

What I found really nice was, that her sister got me a super delicious chocolate cake which said “Bienvenido Marc”. That was an awesome welcome gift. Now, I have to tell you something about Mexican cake traditions. When a Mexican gives you a cake, everybody gets a piece and you have to bite in the rest of the cake. But the mean part is, that when you want to do that, they push your face into the cake. That was not nice, but funny though. Somewhere are pictures of me after “the hit”, but I don’t have them yet.

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Mexico Trip August 2010 – The Arrival (Part One)

Ok boys and girls, finally I am having (or just taking?) some time to write about my Mexico trip this August. I should really have started earlier, because in my mind, I am losing the details and funny stuff I wanted to tell you. Well, anyway, I’m going to tell the story and you’re not going to complain!

Note: I will divide it in several different posts. This is the first one.

Short intro: My flights were going from Luxembourg to Paris to Mexico City to Veracruz. Then I took ground transportation to Coatzacoalcos (destination).

In the sunny and fresh morning of the 4th of August, I started my journey at the Findel Airport (LUX). My first flight was going to Paris, operated by our Luxembourgian flight company Luxair. That was taking me less than an hour and was not amazing. But I like flying, so it kinda was amazing to finally fly again.

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Preview – Mexico Trip August 2010

Dear readers, you must think “Is Marc not going in vacation this year?”. Of course I will! And as expected this year, I am going back to Mexico to visit my girlfriend.

I have been there twice: In October 2008 and December 2008. But this time I go longer than ever: Exactly 4 weeks: From August 4th to September 1st.

The last times I have been mainly in Monterrey and Coatzacoalcos, but this time I plan to travel multiple cities. I am not sure which ones though. Maybe Guadalajara, Cancún or Holbox, Acapulco, etc… But what I know for sure is, that I am going to Tamiagua for a wedding of two of my girlfriend’s friends. I have never ever been to a wedding, not even a European one. So I am pretty looking forward to it!

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Ask me anything!

Hello, you out there!

It have been a while since I wrote a blog post last time, but -tadaaa- here I am again!

I just wanted to inform, that I subscribed to a new service called “FormSpring“. Everybody can ask me questions and I am going to respond to it. (Make sure first, your question is not stupid).

If you have any question to me, visit and ask me a question  (The link is also on my homepage You can do that anonymously, or by signing into the service and ask with your logged-in account.

So, have fun asking and eventually, your question is going to get picked and answered😉

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Rocktile – my first electric guitar

I’ve been talking a lot about wanting to buy an electric guitar one day. I really wanted to experience that kind of guitar play too. And now, last Friday I decided to buy one online. I bought it in a German music shop (Kirstein) in the Internet.

I bought a whole starter package with everything I need. It is a cheap one, but good enough to try a little. Beginning of this week, I got my guitar and I must say that I am impressed. I did not expect that amount of quality for such a low price. Playing e-guitar is really fun… I just need to keep it down because of my neighbors. The amplifier is only a 10W one, but it is enough to blow up my tiny room😉 What I bought is called “Rocktile Banger’s Pack E-Gitarren Set, 7-teilig Sunburst“.

Here a picture of my with my brand new guitar:

[singlepic id=2208 w=320 h=240 float=]

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